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Welcome to this discipleship project from Finishing Well Ministries.
We’d like to suggest the following format to engage this SIX part series.

Work on it as a group project. Make it a Sunday School series, a home group, or use it as a small group anywhere. The best practice might be to watch the video and do the homework by yourself or with your spouse before you meet as a group. Then work through the project as a group, discussing the verses and the ideas as a group. Or, use this project as your own personal growth project.

Finishing Well Ministries offers this series free of charge. We only ask that you sign up so we can continue to keep in touch on updates to this series, Six Essentials for Finishing Well, as well as future projects.

Six Essentials for Finishing Well


We will GROW – we will not stay the same.


We will INVEST in generations following us, beginning with our families.


We will CONNECT – we will not live alone – we will continue to build strong friendships.


We will BE AVAILABLE as God calls us to serve others.


We will CARE – we will love and be there for others in their needs.


We will PLAN AHEAD for when we are gone.

One may retire from an occupation, but a disciple of Christ never retires from being the greatest impact

for the kingdom that one could be.

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